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Statement of Values & Code of Ethics

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As a community-based organization located in Warren County, Mississippi, our services will be provided in a caring environment to foster a healthy and stable community. Serving Warren and contiguous counties in Mississippi, GAPM Ministries will work with all who support it mission and share the underlying principles of dignity and mutual respect for all.

We will act with integrity, openness, and honesty at all times. We will keep faith with public trust through efficient, cost-effective, and compassionate stewardship of resources. Being mindful that our mission is accomplished through the generosity of others, we will ensure that our policies and procedures are legally grounded and respectful of the dignity and rights of individuals.

We will act with the utmost professionalism and treat all persons equally and with respect.

Recipients of our services will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, marital status, sex, religion, age, or other personal or physical conditions prohibited by law. Our work will be conducted will monitor the satisfaction of program participants and provide a grievance procedure to address complaints. We will practice quality improvement that includes evaluation and tracking of information.

The Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and contractors will reflect the diversity of the organization's constituencies and the community. The organization will act in ways that further equality of opportunity and social justice among individual.

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